The PeoplesHost website transfer policy has been outlined here to give our clients a clear understanding of what to expect from our free website transfer service.

  • Limitation of Service: Our transfer service is a free service with no implied guarantees. It may take 24 – 72 hours to complete the transfer depending on current transfer loads. Our free transfer program is limited to new accounts or account upgrades and two (2) website transfers only. We can transfer additional websites, however, additional fees may apply so please contact us for details.
  • Transfer Verification: While we make every attempt to ensure that the transfer was successful. It’s impossible for our team to foresee all aspects of each website’s requirements. It’s recommended that you have your developer or webmaster verify that the transfer was successful. It’s ultimately the customer’s responsibility to ensure that everything is correct before updating the DNS.
  • Transfer Limitation: Large account migrations can be tricky and the larger the transfer the more chance for failure. With that being said, we may not be able to transfer sites that are larger than 5GB in total. For accounts larger than 5GB we ask that you are able to provide root access to your server.
  • Additional Fees: Manual migrations occur when you are moving from a web host with a different control panel. You may incur additional fees for migration services. Please contact support if you have any questions regarding your migration.

PeoplesHost cannot be held liable in the event of improper transfer and use of our free transfer service constitutes acceptance and agreement to this policy.

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