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3 Reasons why SEO Matters for Business Websites

Building and maintaining a business website requires commitment, dedication, and hard work. When it is done correctly, however, the rewards are substantial. Companies that run successful websites are able to access an entire world of marketing, sales, and consumer education that other companies simply miss out on.

There are many important components of creating a successful online presence: from crafting a resonant message, to choosing the right online host, to staying active in the realm of social media. In this article, however, we will discuss the importance of SEO.

Here are the top 3 reasons why SEO matters for business websites.

  1. Organic Results are the Leading Source of Web Traffic. Even though paid advertisements and quality backlinks are indispensable parts of a broader online presence, organic search engine results is ultimately going to drive the majority of your web traffic.
  2. All Roads Lead to Rome. Or at least they should. Many of your other advertising channels (let’s say radio marketing, just as an example) divert leads to your website. If a potential customer hears about your company on the radio, Googles what she remembers of your name, and doesn’t find you, you have just wasted the money spent on radio while also losing a customer to your competitor.
  3. SEO is More Cost Efficient in the Long Term. Though SEO will inherently require an initial investment of money (or at least time), you will have the comfort of knowing that money spent on SEO development will keep benefiting you for a long time to come, whereas money spent on paid results serves you once and only once.

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