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6 Elements of the Perfect Landing Page

At first glance, the title of this article may seem rather ironic. After all, one of the most important rules for a good landing page is to avoid being generic or formulaic. Originality is an important attention-getter and motivator, and should not be sacrificed.

That being said, there are a few basic tried-and-true techniques that can work to your advantage–and they can be incorporated without sacrificing the originality that you need. These are the six most important elements of a great landing page.

  1. Write a Strong Headline. This is the first aspect of your landing page that your audience is going to see: make sure it isn’t also the last!
  2. Be Flawless. Typos, inaccuracies, and design flaws are unacceptable on any professional webpage–but they can be especially damaging on a landing page.
  3. Build Trust. Your landing page needs to educate and sell at the same time–that is a lot to do, and you need to form as much trust as quickly as possible. Statistics and social proof go a long way toward accomplishing just that.
  4. Avoid Distractions. Links that lead away from your landing page should be avoided–and, if possible, keep the page short enough that your audience will not have to scroll down. The more streamlined the process, the better
  5. Call for Action! It sounds simple, but it bears repeating: the best way to get your audience to do something is to ask! Make sure you include a strong call to action in your landing page. Try to use buttons rather than links or forms: they are far more eye-catching and enticing.
  6. Test Continuously. You should always strive to improve your website–and A/B testing is the surefire way to do this.

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